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For purposes of this policy, Union Jack Hits ( users are divided into three separate categories:

1. Visitors: People who come to our site and look around, but don't join
2. Members: People who sign up for our Traffic Exchange service
3. Referred members: People who sign up 'beneath' an existing member, or who are bought into a downline.

Information collected on Visitors

No personal/private information will be stored about individuals using our search system to find websites.

We will be collecting some information about:

* What browser types are accessing the website
* How they arrived at this website (i.e.: who/what referred them here)
* What part of the world they are connecting from (i.e.: Kansas, Texas, Britain, .com, .net, .org)

This information will be kept as statistical measure only, so we can learn how to better tailor our services for our users.

If the visitor came through a 'referral link', we will attempt to store a cookie on their browser that indicates who referred them. This is to provide credit to the referrer if the visitor joins.

Information collected on Members of our free services.

When a person fills in the Join form, we require, store and record their name and electronic mail address, along with the ip address and reported host name of the terminal making the request.

When that person logs in to use our services, we store a temporary electronic 'cookie' on their browser to maintain session information while they are using the service. If they elect 'automatically log me in', we will also store their user name and password in a cookie on their browser.

There is a single, weekly mailing of to all members who have been active in the past week. It will contain a statistical summary of the past week's activity within their account.

Users who wish to be removed from the list may simply revisit the service area and cancel their membership, and their email will be removed from our database. "Opt out" instructions will also be placed at the bottom of each message sent.

We will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute any email addresses from our databases*.

Information collected on Referred members

When a person joins after having been referred by another member, the originating member is notified (in their weekly email) of the member id and handle (if provided) of their 'referral'.

A referred member also has the option to allow the receipt of email from their 'upline'. We offer an incentive (a better visit to credit ratio on autosurf) if they agree to this. This allows their referrer to send them emails through The referrer does NOT receive the email address, and must use a form on our site to send a note to the referred member.

The referrer's address may be displayed to the referred member if such an email is sent, so they may respond directly. This is an option to the referrer as to whether or not to display their email address when 'emailing their downline'.

*: "our databases" refers to the email and or physical contact information we have for members. We will not share this information unless presented with a legal subpoena for governmental inquiry.

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